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These are properties that reside in areas that are commonly neighbourhoods or zones designated for homes and living spaces, such as houses, apartments, and condominiums.
Why would I want a residential fence?
There are many reasons homeowners choose to install fences, with security and aesthetics being the most common. At Peel Fence, we offer a vast selection of fencing solutions tailored to your needs, including for customers looking for pet fencing and dog fencing.

Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly wrought iron fence to enhance the beauty of your home or a durable chain link fence for added security for your property or pets, Peel Fence has the perfect solution for you. Our fences are not only aesthetically pleasing but also robust, providing long-lasting security for your home and safety for your pets at a reasonable price.

Expertise & Service
With over four decades of experience and thousands of satisfied customers, let Peel Fence beautify your home and yard and keep your pets safe. Whatever the project, we can provide just the right materials, or handle it all, from initial concept, through design, supplying material and installation. We are familiar with building codes and local bylaws and can assist you in obtaining permits and requesting gas, hydro, and utilities ‘locates.’
Cost Sharing
We make it easy for you to have a fence for a lot less than you would think and will even help you get your neighbours to share in the cost. If requested, a Peel Fence representative will discuss cost sharing with your neighbours, explaining to them the benefits of a proposed fence and seeking their involvement.

Popular Residential Styles

Choose from a selection of some of our most requested residential fencing products.

NI Tiger Eye

NI Coral


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Fence Materials & Options

Chain Link

Chain link fences are a top choice for both residential and commercial applications, offering practicality, ease of installation, and cost-effectiveness. Not only do they clearly define property lines, but they also provide excellent protection for your property, children, and pets. Specifically, chain link fences are a popular option for those seeking effective pet fencing and dog fencing solutions.
The Benefits include:
  • Durability: Chain link is long-lasting, weather-resistant (rust-resistant), and requires low to no maintenance.
  • Security: Provides robust security and protection, ideal for keeping children and pets safely within your premises.
  • Customizability: Easily customized for various applications, including fencing for dogs.
  • Flexibility: Offers great flexibility for different uses, including specialized dog fences.
  • Variety: Available in multiple dimensions, styles, and colours to suit your needs.
  • Ease of Installation: One of the quickest and easiest fences to construct, making it a practical choice for property and pet fencing.
Available In:
Chain link fence is most commonly available in black (including posts and rails), coloured fence fittings, gates, and gate hardware for all applications from residential to commercial. Available in multiple colours, our chain link fences have polyester powder-coated finishes over Galvalume coated steel for years of maintenance-free service, ideal for fencing for dogs and other pet enclosures. All these materials are stocked in our yard in black and galvanized but can be ordered in brown, green and white (as a special order). It is also common to combine coloured vinyl-coated chain link fabric on a galvanized frame.
Popular Chain Link Fence Models

A small sample of the chain link fences we offer.

PFN Chain Link 1

PFN Chain Link 2

PFN Chain Link 3

Wrought Iron Fences & Gates

Wrought Iron fencing is not only a sophisticated option for meeting pool safety requirements but also perfect for enhancing the curb appeal of your home. It's also an excellent choice for those who require a stronger, more durable option for pet fencing or dog fences. Choose from our large selection of styles to meet every taste and budget, many of which are in stock for immediate pickup or ready to be installed by our experienced crews.
The Benefits include:
  • Strength and Longevity: Wrought iron is strong, lasting for years with minimal upkeep and is difficult to climb or break, enhancing home and pet safety.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Offers elegance and complements various home styles, available in designs that suit personal tastes and boost curb appeal, increasing home value.
  • View Preservation: Provides security without obstructing views, ideal for properties with children and pets.
Make A Statement With Wrought Iron:
As with most home improvement projects, choosing fencing material is often a matter of personal preference. Wrought Iron fences are among the most beautiful choices you can make. Wrought iron is also quite versatile with styles that range from old-fashioned and charming to contemporary and unique.
Wrought Iron Fence Models

Choose from a wide variety of contemporary and unique designs.

NI Amber

NI Benitoite

NI Coral

NI Diamond

NI Emerald

NI Fire Agate

NI Garnet

NI Jade

NI Moonstone

NI Opal

NI Pearl

NI Quartz

NI Quartz

NI Ruby

NI Sapphire

NI Sphere

NI Sunstone

NI Tiger Eye

NI Topaz

NI Turquoise

NI Vermeil

NI Zircon

Wrought Iron Gate Models
Compliment your fence with the perfect gate.

Gate NI D-52

Gate NI Duke

Automatic Gates

The Peel Fence team has the experience to provide you with a wide range of automated gate systems.
The Benefits include:
  • Convenience and Security: Easy access with remote or keypad entry, adds a sophisticated touch, and increases the value and attractiveness of your home.
  • Safety for Pets and Children: Keeps children and pets safely within the property, with options to match your home’s style and architecture.
  • Privacy and Access Control: Limits visibility and access from the outside, ensuring a secure environment for your family and pets.
Gate Installation from A to Z:
We supply and install driveway gates with stone pillars to suit any style of home. We look after the whole project from design to completion, including masonry, electrical, video, and telephone entry. In addition to our residential clients, we supply and install a wide range of sliding, swing, and traffic barriers to service all your commercial needs.
Automatic Gate Models
A few samples of automatic gates we offer.

Sliding Gate

Swing Gate

Lift Gate

Large Sliding Gate

GSM Intercom


Regulation Pool Fences

Safety! Safety! Safety! Keep your backyard secure so the entire family can enjoy the pool safely. When it comes to swimming pools, there are no compromises when young lives are at stake. Over 900 children drown annually in pools in North America. Proper safe fencing can ensure this doesn't happen in your home.
The Benefits include:
  • Compliance and Safety: Swimming pool fences comply with Ontario law and provide a safeguard for adults with disabilities and pets who may wander unsupervised into the swimming pool area.
  • Added Aesthetics: Proper fencing can add style to your pool areas, enhancing landscaping. Peel Fence collaborates with leading pool and landscaping companies to coordinate installation efficiently.
We Know Local Pool Fence By-Laws:
PEEL FENCE is very familiar with the local by-laws in regard to legal requirements and the proper installation of pool fencing. We have worked with many of the leading pool and landscaping companies to ensure pool, landscaping and fencing installation are coordinated. So, when you are ready to put water into your new pool, you will not be left waiting for your fence if you contact us early in the process. Our production manager will ensure that all the materials are in stock and a crew is standing by so that your pool project will be a pleasant experience.
Regulation Pool Fence Models
A small sample of the regulation pool fences we offer.

NI Tiger Eye (63 inch)

NI Benitoite (60 inch)

NI Garnet (50 inch)

PFN Pool Fence 1

PFN Pool Fence 2

PFN Pool Fence 3