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Pool Fence Enclosure for North York Home

Date: January 28, 2024

Location: North York

  • Chain Link
  • Pool Fences
  • Residential

The Need:

We were contacted by a customer’s contractor, who was just completing the construction of a new home, which included a new pool. The customer required a fence compliant with Ontario law.

Cost was an issue as they were already over budget on the project. They wanted to retain an existing cedar hedge, which created a climbing issue for a pool fence with the City of Toronto. We recommended and quoted on a pool spec for a 6’ high, all-black chain-link fence.

After reviewing our quotation and those of other providers, they chose another contractor to carry out the installation. However, upon completion, the City building inspector would not accept what and how the selected provider had installed the fence. The distressed contractor called Peel Fence back.

The Solution:

We talked with the city pool inspector, and we then proposed the same 6’ high, all-black chain-link fence that we had originally recommended. Unfortunately, it required that we remove all of the existing fencing they had spent good money on, as it was only 5’ high and poorly installed.

The Outcome:

The installation went well despite the winter conditions. The inspector reviewed our work, and the customer immediately paid the balance owed. The customer and their contractor were very pleased with our work. However, they felt bad about having to buy two fences to get the job done properly. The contractor will use Peel Fence again.