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Do you worry about your kids or your pet wandering while you leave them to play for a few minutes or have you ever had the neighbour's dog come over for a visit? With lot sizes shrinking, we are living a lot closer to our neighbours so it makes sense to install an attractive, maintenance free, secure fence. Good fences make good neighbours.

There are generally two reasons for residential fences: security and esthetics. We can provide a huge variety of wrought iron fences, from basic styles for the budget conscious to fancy and ornate styles all with functional gates designed to showcase your home or pool area; or chain link fences, available in many different colours (black is the most popular). All while providing long life and security at a reasonable price.

With over four decades of experience and thousands of satisfied customers let Peel Fence beautify and keep your yard and home safe. Whatever the project, we can provide just the right materials, or handle it all, from initial concept, through design, supplying material and installation. We are familiar with building codes and local bylaws and can assist you in obtaining permits and requesting gas, hydro and utilities "locates".

We make it easy for you to have a fence for a lot less than you would think and will even help you get your neighbours to share in the cost. If requested, a Peel Fence representative will discuss cost sharing with your neighbours, explaining to them the benefits of a proposed fence and seek their involvement.

Call us now so we can get started on your project!


A small sample of the residential fences we offer