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Safety! Safety! Safety! Keeping your backyard secure so the entire family can enjoy the pool safely.

When it comes to swimming pools, there are no compromises when young lives are at stake. Over 900 children drown annually in pools in North America. Proper safe fencing can ensure this doesn't happen in your home. Fencing also provides a safeguard for adults with disabilities, and for pets that may wander unsupervised into the swimming pool area. Swimming pool fences are required by Ontario law and many parts of the country. In addition to safety many people are finding that proper fencing can add style to their pool areas, as well as enhance their landscaping.

PEEL FENCE is very familiar with the local by-laws in regards to legal requirements and the proper installation of pool fencing. We have worked with many of the leading pool and landscaping companies to ensure pool, landscaping and fencing installation are coordinated. So, when you are ready to put water into your new pool, you will not be left waiting for your fence. Contact PEEL FENCE, for a written quote early in the process. You won't be disappointed.

Our production manager will ensure that all the materials are in stock and a crew is standing by so that your pool project will be a pleasant experience.  

Contact us now so we can get started on your project!


A small sample of the regulation pool fences we offer.